Our lightweight portable capstan winches are capable of working with a synthetic rope of any given length. The winch throttle is controlled by pulling the rope from a safe distance. A locking cleat break entirely prevents the possible backward movement of the load. The winch is equipped with a centrifugal clutch which causes the capstan to remain stand still when the user releases the throttle. 

Advantages over conventional products:

  1. All EDER Powerwinches are equipped with a centrifugal clutch, which enables the spindle to stands still once the user releases the throttle. In conventional winches the spill continues idling, causing friction between the rope and the capstan. This eventually leads to the wear of the rope or undesirable movement of the load.
  2. All EDER Powerwinches are equipped with a rope brake. Once the user releases the rope (intentionally or unintentionally), the rope brake is activated. Resulting in the load to stop immediately and avoid backward movement of the load.
  3. All EDER Powerwinches are certified by German certification authorities and are designed and constructed to meet all safety standards.
  4. Allows working in any position.

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